Buffers, Buffer/Splitter, Buffer/Looper


Why Buffers?

"Tone Suck" is a REAL problem.

We've worked out some solutions that are based on sound electronics theory, not the general cookie-cutter solutions.


BiFET Buffer for the Front of Chain

A discrete BiFET buffer at the beginning of a pedal chain does a great job of maintaining the load your guitar pickups see and counteract the capacitance of the guitar cable.  If you have a passive volume pedal at the beginning of your chain, you need this! These require some special attention in regards to power supply filtering. Our "Discrete BiFET Buffer" addresses all of these points.


OpAmp Buffer for the End of Chain

At the end of the signal chain, you need a quality, high current, low-output-impedance buffer that can drive a long cable without loss of the signal integrity or the high frequencies. This is where a GOOD opamp can really shine. The industry-typical TL072 is not a good answer, in our opinion and experience. The "ATS Buffer/Splitter" provides the drive you need AND splits the output signal via a second buffer to connect your board to one or two amps.

We've found better solutions to these problems. Let us prove it on your board!